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04/25/2018 12:56 PM
Commentary: Once it gets going, ECB may be more reliable rate hiker than BoE
LONDON (Reuters) - As the global shift towards higher interest rates moves up a gear, attention is turning to Europe's two major central banks.

04/25/2018 08:29 AM
Daily Briefing: A fine bromance - Macron's new Iran deal for Trump
LONDON (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron's aides are hailing as a success the fact that Donald Trump accepted French proposals to work on a new, tougher deal to contain Iran.

04/25/2018 07:57 AM
After Carney surprise, chance of May BoE rate hike down but not out
LONDON (Reuters) - Bank of England Governor Mark Carney surprised investors last week when he hinted that interest rates might not go up next month - but economists say it would be wrong to rule out an increase.

04/24/2018 02:48 PM
Commentary: Mission accomplished for OPEC as oil moves from slump to boom
LONDON (Reuters) - The slump that characterised the oil market between the middle of 2014 and the middle of 2016 has been replaced by what looks like the beginning of a boom.

04/24/2018 08:56 AM
High-profile investors bet on stocks tied to millennials - Sohn Conference
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hedge fund managers at the high-profile 2018 Sohn Investment Conference in New York pitched stock ideas on Monday that they said should benefit from the growing clout of the millennial generation, ranging from online food ordering to homebuilders.

04/24/2018 08:55 AM
China may backslide on deleveraging if trade war looms
BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s efforts to reduce its reliance on debt and find a more sustainable route to grow its economy may be derailed by the simmering trade dispute with the United States, economists warn.

04/23/2018 03:14 PM
Commentary: Hedge fund oil bulls on the rampage as bears vanish
LONDON (Reuters) - Hedge fund managers have never seemed so convinced that oil prices are set to rise rather than fall in the near term, according to the latest positioning data published by regulators and exchanges.

04/23/2018 12:58 PM
Commentary: Hedge funds make historic and increasingly desperate FX, bond bets
LONDON (Reuters) - Hamstrung by a renewed slump in volatility and lack of clear market direction, FX and bond speculators are making historically big bets on a lower dollar and higher yields.

04/23/2018 06:30 PM
Investors build up exposure to beaten-down UK infrastructure
LONDON (Reuters) - Leading shareholders in British listed infrastructure funds are doubling down on their investments, betting the political worries that sent valuations to decade-lows are overdone.

04/23/2018 09:11 AM
Graphic - The long goodbye to easy money: Five questions for the ECB
LONDON (Reuters) - The ECB meets on Thursday against a backdrop of concern about a global trade spat and a softening in euro zone economic data that could potentially hamper the central bank's plans to unwind its extraordinary monetary stimulus.


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