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01/23/2018 12:25 AM
Sex abuse survivor tells story in bid to encourage others
Tim Verity wants more people to talk about male sex abuse after seeing his abuser jailed years later.

01/22/2018 12:27 PM
Duke's joy at Eugenie's engagement
The Duke of York says he is "absolutely overjoyed" Princess Eugenie will wed Jack Brooksbank.

01/22/2018 10:20 PM
Who is Princess Eugenie?
Here's all you need to know about the latest member of the Royal Family to announce their engagement.

01/22/2018 05:28 PM
UKIP: Why have post-Farage party leaders not lasted?
The party has been through a number of leadership changes recently.

01/22/2018 12:42 AM
Mother 'lives' for brain damaged 19-year-old daughter
Bridget was born with severe medical problems after her mother was prescribed an epilepsy drug during pregnancy.

01/21/2018 02:26 PM
Climbers rescued from snowy mountain ridge in Scotland
Two men were airlifted to safety after a night without shelter in sub-zero temperatures.

01/22/2018 12:22 PM
What happens during a smear test?
Doctor Philippa Kaye talks us through what's involved during a cervical screening test.

01/21/2018 07:37 PM
President Macron on Trump, Brexit and Frexit
What we learnt when French President Emmanuel Macron talked to the BBC's Andrew Marr.

01/22/2018 02:07 AM
The Hampshire school where pupils are learning to move
The deputy head of a Hampshire primary school runs five miles a day to inspire his pupils to exercise more.

01/21/2018 12:10 AM
What do children think of modern art?
Six contemporary artists have designed prints for children. But what do they think of them?

01/19/2018 02:11 PM
Who is George Weah, Liberia's new president?
How George Weah went from being the world's best footballer to the president of Liberia.

01/21/2018 10:43 AM
Deal teen's overdose gives sister drugs counsellor dream
The sister of a teenager who died after taking fentanyl wants to help others beat addiction.

01/21/2018 12:13 AM
How I save children from bullies
Alex Holmes suffered severe racial bullying when at school. Now he's been recognised by the Queen for his efforts to wipe out bullying.

01/20/2018 11:14 AM
The Ilford woman who carries her heart in a rucksack
Selwa Hussain is the first woman in the UK to leave hospital with an artificial heart.

01/20/2018 12:19 PM
'Trash girl' ignores bullies to clean Norwich's streets
Schoolchildren bullied Nadia Sparkes for picking up litter from the streets.

01/20/2018 09:47 AM
Boxer Bradley Smith: 'How anxiety nearly ruined me'
Bradley Smith, 20, from St Ives, says people should talk more about mental health.

01/20/2018 01:16 AM
My dad was shot dead on Bloody Sunday
One of the worst attacks on civilians during the conflict in Northern Ireland.

01/20/2018 01:15 AM
'Why I use pole dancing to keep fit'
Pole dancing instructor Kathy Buller said the pursuit was "very athletic".

01/20/2018 01:11 AM
Shopping centre Christmas trees made into rhino beds
Rhinos are sleeping on pine scented beds at Woburn Safari Park.

01/19/2018 05:22 PM
Becoming an adult - what it means to you
Adolescence now lasts until 24, say some scientists, with people delaying marriage and parenthood.

01/19/2018 12:54 AM
What do children draw when asked about their future jobs?
A survey of thousands of young people across the world reveal what influences their career aspirations.


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