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07/15/2018 03:54 PM
Theresa May: Trump told me to sue the EU
The PM reveals the advice the US president gave her on how to handle Brexit negotiations.

07/15/2018 05:35 PM
Trump leaves Scotland on Air Force One
The US president flies out of Prestwick Airport, ahead of a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

07/15/2018 08:25 AM
Minister Andrew Griffiths resigns over texts to women
Andrew Griffiths quits after sending messages of a sexual nature to two female constituents.

07/15/2018 09:32 AM
PM Theresa May warns party not to put Brexit at risk
Theresa May, writing in the Mail on Sunday, urges the country to "keep their eye on the prize".

07/15/2018 12:36 AM
Farnborough Airshow: Brexit and bulging order books dominate
The UK may use Farnborough, the biggest aerospace event of the year, to signal its vision for the industry.

07/13/2018 04:23 PM
Reality Check: A UK/US trade deal?
Donald Trump has made several claims about the UK's ability to strike a new trade deal.

07/13/2018 08:46 PM
Donald Trump: US-UK trade deal 'absolutely possible'
The president speaks warmly about Theresa May hours after his comments attacking her Brexit plans emerged.

07/15/2018 11:33 AM
Green Party votes against Wales and England split
Party members in Wales decide they want to stay united and not become an independent party.

07/14/2018 11:54 AM
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: Boris Johnson exit 'a setback'
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's family say they are "back to square one" after Boris Johnson's resignation.

07/14/2018 02:07 PM
Durham Miner's Gala features official women's banner
After taking part in the parade the new banner will be "blessed" at Durham Cathedral.

07/13/2018 04:24 PM
Trump: I didn't criticise Theresa May to The Sun
The US president spars with the Sun reporter who interviewed him about Theresa May and Brexit.

07/13/2018 05:49 PM
Jeremy Corbyn: It's not Trump's business who's PM
The Labour leader criticises the US president's remarks and addresses protesters in Trafalgar Square.

07/13/2018 12:08 PM
Trump's Brexit comments spark backlash from MPs
Trump's criticism of Theresa May's Brexit blueprint sparks backlash from Conservative ministers and MPs.

07/13/2018 10:42 AM
Donald Trump visit: Sadiq Khan refuses to 'rise to beastly comments'
Donald Trump criticised Sadiq Khan over London's terror attacks, accusing him of doing "a terrible job".

07/12/2018 10:17 PM
Reinstated Labour MP Jared O'Mara quits Labour Party
Jared O'Mara was suspended while the Labour Party investigated claims of misogyny and homophobia.

07/13/2018 08:03 AM
PM says White Paper delivers 'the Brexit people voted for'
The UK government sets out in detail how it wants trade with the EU to work after Brexit.

07/13/2018 12:56 PM
Tory MP Michel Fabricant accused of Islamophobia over Sadiq Khan tweet
Michael Fabricant says he "stupidly" tweeted the image of Sadiq Khan "without checking it properly".

07/13/2018 12:27 PM
EU's Jean-Claude Juncker stumbled 'in sciatica attack'
The EU Commission says its president had acute leg pain when he was filmed being helped.

07/12/2018 04:27 PM
Donald Trump: Brexit is turning out 'a little bit differently'
The US president questions whether the UK's current Brexit plan is "what they voted for".

07/12/2018 12:20 PM
'Hostile environment' checks paused after Windrush scandal
Labour says the government should go further and review all of its immigration policies.

07/12/2018 06:41 PM
Women pressured to give up babies deserve apology, says MP
Labour's Alison McGovern says PM should apologise "on behalf of the nation" over the practice.

07/12/2018 02:40 PM
Murdoch's Fox cleared for Sky takeover bid
The culture secretary will allow a deal after Fox made concessions including selling Sky News.

07/12/2018 06:14 AM
Westminster abuse victims 'too scared to come forward'
The BBC is told "forces are trying to scupper" plans for a new complaints system for abuse victims.

07/12/2018 11:25 AM
Gender neutral titles for Lords ruled out
New peers will still have to be lords or baronesses - despite planned reforms to transgender rights.

07/11/2018 03:17 PM
Emma's Diary faces fine for selling new mums' data to Labour
UK's data watchdog plans to fine the owner of the Emma's Diary baby advice and gift service £140,000.

07/11/2018 01:45 PM
Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict
David Lidington clashed with Emily Thornberry over Brexit turmoil - here are the key bits.

07/13/2018 11:28 AM
US reaction
US officials tell media there is "no way" Mr Trump will apologise over controversial comments on Brexit.

07/12/2018 05:13 PM
Reality Check
The 104 page document sets out the UK's proposed relationship with the EU after Brexit.

07/10/2018 11:20 AM
Who's who guide
A guide to the members of Theresa May's cabinet.

07/10/2018 02:00 PM
A global view
The resignation of Boris Johnson means Theresa May's days as prime minister are numbered, in the view of most pundits around the world.

07/10/2018 12:43 PM
Obituary: Lord Carrington
Lord Carrington was the Conservative foreign secretary who oversaw the creation of Zimbabwe and resigned over the Falklands invasion.

07/09/2018 03:20 PM
Dominic Raab
A look at the career highs and lows of the new Brexit secretary.

07/09/2018 03:58 PM
Reality Check
Harmonised EU standards exist in all sorts of areas, such as chemicals, emissions and food safety.

07/09/2018 12:41 AM
The maverick minister
David Davis, who has quit as Brexit Secretary, was never the typical Tory MP - here is a look at his colourful career.

07/12/2018 04:56 PM
Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
A guide to plans for the UK to leave the European Union, after the 2016 referendum.

10/24/2017 05:16 PM
Party conferences 2017
The latest on the major political parties in the autumn conference season.

06/09/2017 05:18 PM
Election 2017: At-a-glance
An at-a-glance summary of the key points of Election 2017.

07/15/2018 10:19 AM
Donald Trump: Theresa May on the president's EU advice
Theresa May reveals what President Trump suggested she should do when dealing with the EU.

07/15/2018 02:55 PM
Theresa May: Five things from her Andrew Marr show interview
Trump, immigration, leadership, EU law and 'cutting out David Davis' - here are five things the Prime Minister revealed.

07/15/2018 11:57 AM
Theresa May's Brexit plan crosses red lines - Jacob Rees-Mogg
Jacob Rees-Mogg tells the BBC that the prime minister's Brexit plan goes against promises she made.

07/13/2018 02:24 PM
Donald Trump: 'It's called fake news'
BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg challenged Donald Trump about his criticism of Theresa May earlier this week.

07/13/2018 01:04 PM
Inside story on The Sun's Trump interview
The US president has criticised the PM's Brexit plan in a UK newspaper. We talk to the man behind the interview.

07/11/2018 02:45 PM
Donald Trump's UK visit: Protests and praise
The BBC speaks to those who welcome - and those who oppose President Trump's visit to the UK this week.


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