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12/16/2018 09:43 PM
Fury's message on mental health
Tyson Fury speaks at Sports Personality of the Year about his recovery from mental health problems and his return to the boxing ring.

12/13/2018 01:25 PM
Luca Campanaro: Mother 'in awe' of football death son
The mother of a 14-year-old boy who died while playing football says she is "in awe" of her son.

12/14/2018 09:58 AM
'My mummy's sick': Boy, 4, calls ambulance for mum using Siri
Beau Austin has now been given a bravery award for his quick thinking.

12/13/2018 06:26 AM
Halo brace boy from Long Stratton puts on brave face
A mother from Norfolk has said how scared her family was when doctors said her son needed a halo brace

12/12/2018 05:01 PM
Dying woman's wedding wish at Berkhamsted hospice answered
The terminally ill bride married her fiance after it was arranged for her in just 36 hours.

12/11/2018 01:12 AM
Breastfeeding and formula feeding mums share stories
From breastfeeding to formula, five mums tell us how they found their way - and shunned mum shaming,

12/10/2018 12:27 AM
Bionic 3D-printed arm 'gives confidence' to young amputees
Open Bionics has developed the world's first medically-certified 3D-printed artificial arm

12/08/2018 07:50 AM
Vicky Phelan: The woman who exposed an Irish health scandal
Vicky Phelan exposed a health scandal in Ireland after discovering her smear test for cervical cancer had been misread.

12/09/2018 12:03 AM
Nichola has created an app to help others with alopecia meet new friends
Nichola, who’s had alopecia for fifteen years, has launched an app to help others with the condition make friends.

12/08/2018 01:47 AM
Meet the talking and crying childlike manikin
Students at the University of South Wales are learning from a childlike doll which has a pulse

12/08/2018 12:12 AM
The photographer who puts disabled and severely ill children in fantasy scenes
Angela Forker photographs babies with disabilities and terminal illnesses, placing them in fantasy scenes.

12/06/2018 01:11 AM
Billie Marten: Having SAD made me write the happiest pop song
Billie Marten says having seasonal affective disorder (SAD) inspired her song Blue Sea, Red Sea.

12/06/2018 05:17 PM
Mother of monkey dust drug addict warns of dangers
Jane Eagles has allowed cameras into her son's flat to show the devastation monkey dust can cause.

12/05/2018 09:56 AM
Biohackers: ‘My hand chip could unlock my car door’
Biohackers want to make their bodies and brains function better by "hacking" their biology.

12/05/2018 03:14 PM
PMQs: Theresa May and Helen Whately on smear tests
Helen Whately MP highlights to women the importance of smear tests in PMQs.

12/03/2018 02:53 PM
Sacked man claims discrimination against his 'ethical veganism'
Jordi Casamitjana wants to have ethical veganism recognised as a philosophical belief, in a landmark legal action.

12/03/2018 09:01 AM
Family threaten to kill daughter for having a baby
'Naveed' is a Pakistani Muslim girl living in the UK. She told the BBC about her experience of abuse.

11/30/2018 01:15 PM
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: The effect on children
Campaigners are calling for more research into how many children may be affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

11/29/2018 06:52 AM
Primodos: 'I will die feeling guilty' says mum over test
A mother who took the hormonal pregnancy test still feels guilt for taking the tablets she believes harmed her child.

11/29/2018 05:46 PM
World Aids Day: Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP on HIV positive status
A Labour MP revealed he has been HIV positive for nearly ten years, as the Commons debated World Aids Day.

11/29/2018 12:31 AM
Dundee street valium crisis: The highest rate of drug deaths in Europe
As Scotland launches its first drugs strategy for a decade, we speak to friends and family of "street valium" victims.

11/29/2018 12:51 AM
How long does it take to poo Lego out if a child eats it?
Parents naturally worry if their child swallows a small object but this experiment means they can relax a little.

11/28/2018 06:19 PM
Suicide man 'let down' by Norfolk and Suffolk mental health trust
Karen Smith said her husband was "desperate" after hearing of a five-week wait for treatment.

11/28/2018 09:51 AM
'World's oldest rebel' Harry Leslie Smith dies
The World War Two veteran was a vocal advocate for social justice and the NHS.

11/27/2018 02:40 AM
Boy, 10, meets his 'superman' life-saver
Rupert Cross has made a full recovery from a rare blood disease thanks to a bone marrow donor.

11/28/2018 12:40 AM
'Period poverty' sanitary products 'improve school attendance'
A school says attendance has risen after providing pupils with free menstrual products.

11/26/2018 09:59 PM
Fentanyl in cocaine: The deadly truth of new drugs cocktail
A surge in cocaine deaths is being blamed on fentanyl, a synthetic opioid far stronger than morphine.

11/27/2018 02:36 AM
Nurse had menopause symptoms twice before turning 40
Cardiac nurse Nicky Williams says she wants to break the taboo over the menopause.

11/26/2018 11:42 AM
Spine therapy for children tested only on pigs and corpses
A therapy for children with curved spines was approved for general use after tests only on pigs and dead bodies, a Panorama investigation has revealed.

11/26/2018 12:24 AM
Endometriosis diagnosis: 'A relief to know I wasn't mad'
A woman who waited years for an endometriosis diagnosis backs a report calling for earlier help.

11/22/2018 12:10 AM
Why catching cancer earlier is so important
A cancer expert says making treatment more straightforward for patients is key to catching tumours early.

11/22/2018 01:29 AM
Reality Check: How effective is the flu jab?
Millions of people are vaccinated against flu each year. But just how effective is the jab at protecting us against the virus?

11/22/2018 05:11 PM
Poor mental health 'took so much of my life'
Emma first started experiencing difficulties with her mental health when she was 13, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks before developing an eating disorder.

11/22/2018 01:26 AM
The Nigerian patients being held over unpaid bills
Thousands of Nigerian patients are being held in extreme circumstances over unpaid medical bills.

11/21/2018 01:29 AM
'Asking about suicide doesn’t cause suicide'
Suicide rates in America are rising, particularly among white, middle-aged men. This summer camp helps families deal with their grief.

11/22/2018 12:01 AM
Could HoloLens tech help save babies’ lives?
Students are shown virtual reality images to teach them about obstetric emergencies.

11/20/2018 06:30 PM
William talks of being 'tipped over the edge'
The Duke of Cambridge said he "felt things" he "never felt before" following 999 calls as a pilot.

11/20/2018 09:50 PM
Terror survivors: Mental health services must improve 'dramatically'
Terror survivors say there is a severe lack of long-term support to process psychological trauma.

11/20/2018 06:07 AM
Blood transfusions 'absolutely critical' for Essex boy Henry
The parents of a boy with a rare blood disease plea for more donors over the festive period.

11/20/2018 12:16 AM
Medication for mental health: Call to 'end pill-shaming'
The Royal College of Psychiatrists says it's worried some people are not getting the help they need.

11/19/2018 02:17 PM
Deaf boy's amazing reaction to Makaton bedtime story
Mum Laura McCartney says her son Tom, who has complex medical needs, was "enthralled" to see a story told "in his language".

11/19/2018 03:20 PM
US Olympian Michael Johnson on making a full stroke recovery
The former world record holder told the BBC about how he made a full recovery after suffering a stroke.

11/18/2018 12:19 AM
The actress who almost died from undetected heart condition
Rebecca Shorrocks nearly lost her life to cardiomyopathy - a heart condition she never knew she had.

11/17/2018 01:55 AM
Why making postnatal depression film Early Days was 'therapy'
When Nessa Wrafter suffered after the birth of her child, she decided to make a film about her experience.

11/13/2018 05:21 PM
Rachael Bland's husband on how their son has reacted to his mum's death
BBC presenter Rachael Bland's husband reveals moving words of their son, Freddie, after her death.

11/14/2018 12:10 AM
Fighting heroin addiction: Bobby's story
Bobby was injecting heroin and crack cocaine up to six times a day. He's spoken to the BBC about what made him turn his life around.


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