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09/23/2018 04:13 PM
PPI fuelling fraud culture, says Barclays boss
The level of bogus claims is enormous and the government is complicit, the bank's chairman says.

09/23/2018 03:01 PM
Porsche stops making diesel cars after VW emissions scandal
The manufacturer eyes a "diesel-free" future after its parent company cheated emissions tests.

09/23/2018 12:33 PM
Mike Ashley blames greed for House of Fraser store closures
House of Fraser's new owner said "greedy landlords" led to three stores having to shut.

09/23/2018 01:31 PM
Sky: Comcast outbids Fox with £30bn bid for broadcaster
US cable giant wins rare blind auction process set by the UK's Takeover Panel with £30bn offer.

09/22/2018 09:08 AM
Petrol prices could fall by £1.50 a tank, says the AA
Fuel prices are at a four-year high, but the AA says a supermarket price war could lower costs.

09/21/2018 09:47 PM
Is this the secret to High Street success?
Could we learn something from how one town has managed to improve its High Street?

09/22/2018 05:53 PM
Co-op to replace plastic bags with compostable carriers
The supermarket chain says the new biodegradable bags will be brought in at 1,400 of its stores.

09/22/2018 12:19 AM
Minimum wage: Workers underpaid by record £15.6m
Some 200,000 workers missed out on being paid at least the minimum wage rate in the past year.

09/21/2018 09:48 PM
Goldman Sachs wants your piggy bank
The "giant vampire squid" will target the UK savings market next week - but will it be a damp squib?

09/21/2018 03:31 PM
Pound falls after May's Brexit statement
Sterling's slide deepens after the Prime Minister's comments renew fears of a no-deal Brexit.

09/21/2018 10:37 AM
NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank say online banking glitch 'resolved'
Customers of NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank were unable to access their accounts online for hours.

09/21/2018 10:43 AM
Government borrowing jumps to £6.8bn in August
Borrowing rose by more than expected following subdued tax receipts and an increase in spending.

09/21/2018 01:53 PM
Uber-Deliveroo 'talks' hit Just Eat's share price
The food delivery firm's shares drop to a one-year low on reports Uber is mulling a bid for Deliveroo.

09/21/2018 09:28 AM
Moss Bros shares dive on profit warning
The men's tailoring company says the hot weather and World Cup hit sales over the summer.

09/21/2018 01:07 PM
Ex-BHS boss Dominic Chappell loses pensions conviction appeal
Judge says Dominic Chappell gave "entirely unbelievable" evidence in the Crown Court hearing.

09/23/2018 04:42 PM
Australian strawberries: Why would someone hide a needle in fruit?
Criminologists explore a food safety scare in Australia, and what could be motivating copycats.

09/21/2018 11:37 AM
Italy opens probe into Ryanair hand luggage charges
The airline's new Italian luggage charges may amount to unfair commercial practice, a watchdog says.

09/20/2018 07:05 PM
Evans Cycles seeks new owner amid cash crunch
The bike store chain needs fresh funding as it struggles with tough trading conditions.

09/21/2018 12:23 AM
Women 'half as likely' as men to start a business
Treasury says "unfair obstacles" may be blocking female entrepreneurs as it launches a review.

09/20/2018 10:08 PM
Wells Fargo to reduce workforce by up to 10%
The bank expects to reduce staff by 5% to 10% over three years, affecting some 26,000 workers.

09/21/2018 02:51 AM
US imposes sanctions on China for buying Russian weapons
Beijing is being penalised for buying Russian combat jets and surface-to-air missiles.

09/23/2018 10:15 AM
Will 'Modicare' be a success in India?
India has launched its new flagship health insurance scheme, dubbed "Modicare".

09/21/2018 12:51 AM
How the fridge became a million dollar idea
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the fridge became a million dollar idea.

09/21/2018 12:25 AM
Uber Eats drivers block streets in pay protest
Uber Eats drivers are staging protests over changes to their payment structure, claiming rates for every delivery had been reduced without agreement.

09/20/2018 02:03 PM
GoPro Hero 7 stabilisation put to the test
How does the GoPro Hero 7 compare to last year's model - and can it turn the company around?

09/21/2018 12:04 AM
From Belgium to the UK, the journey of an alloy wheel
From Belgium to Swindon in under eight hours, the journey of an alloy wheel.

09/20/2018 12:01 PM
Train delays: Who is in charge of the railways?
Chief Executive of the Rail Delivery Group says the industry need changing.

09/20/2018 12:44 AM
India's only self-made female billionaire
Self-made billionaire Kiran Mazumdar Shaw shares her secrets for succeeding in a man's world.

09/20/2018 09:57 AM
Chris Grayling: Passengers were let down
Transport secretary says he will work to make the system better to avoid a repeat of the timetabling problems that caused mass cancellations on the railways over the summer.

09/19/2018 11:28 AM
Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console
Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer are among the titles on Sony's new miniature PlayStation.

09/19/2018 06:58 AM
IBM launches tool aimed at detecting AI bias
IBM is launching software which will monitor algorithms in real time and highlight how they make decisions.

09/23/2018 12:47 AM
Spain's La Liga sets global goals
Plans to play top flight competitive Spanish games in North America are only part of a plan for worldwide growth.

09/23/2018 01:09 AM
The tea tycoon who was 'the world's best loser'
The extraordinary life of Sir Thomas Lipton: rags-to-riches tycoon, self-publicist, philanthropist and sportsman.

09/22/2018 12:49 AM
How do you solve catastrophic hyperinflation?
What could Venezuela's government learn from these five historic cases of hyperinflation?

09/20/2018 10:56 PM
How China's GPS 'rival' Beidou is plotting to go global
China's Beidou is being used in everything from ploughing to precision missiles, but can it go global?

09/20/2018 12:51 AM
Trump's tariffs putting the squeeze on the Midwest
Companies in the US state of Wisconsin show how President Trump's trade war with China is continuing to hurt.

09/20/2018 12:10 AM
'Why sheep are important to my wine bar'
Sheep farmers fear a no-deal Brexit could have a "devastating" impact on rural market towns.

09/19/2018 12:24 AM
The secret life of a female bodyguard
Jacquie Davis, the UK's first female bodyguard, talks about hostage rescues and undercover surveillance.

09/20/2018 12:54 AM
Hologram phone calls - sci-fi or serious possibility?
With 5G, experts say we could enjoy virtual reality in HD on our mobiles and even project holographics.

09/19/2018 12:25 AM
Will we ever get self-healing smartphones?
How likely is it that we will see mobile phones that use self-healing materials any time soon?

09/19/2018 12:27 AM
The chef using 60,000-year-old recipes
A top chef says his awards are owed to learning skills from indigenous Australian recipes and ingredients.

09/18/2018 02:31 PM
Why do billionaires want to own the news?
Salesforce founder's purchase of Time magazine is the latest example of moguls buying news outlets.

09/19/2018 12:52 AM
The weird and wonderful life of Elon Musk
Elon Musk has found success with PayPal and Tesla - and has a colourful private life to match.

09/18/2018 12:12 AM
'I dialled into work and prayed my baby wouldn't wake up'
Winning flexible working hours can bring a new set of major problems, a survey finds.

09/18/2018 12:48 AM
The rise of the payment app: 'I hardly use cash any more'
Person-to-person payment apps are rising fast in popularity around the world, but are they safe?

09/18/2018 12:52 AM
Tackling food waste in Nigeria with an app
Nigerian tech entrepreneur Oscar Ekponimo has invented an app which will help cut down on food waste.

09/17/2018 12:09 AM
'People thought we were interns but we were in charge'
Jamie Beaton and Sharndre Kushor, founders of popular online tutoring business Crimson Education, say their young age can confuse people.

09/16/2018 12:17 AM
The Bezos backlash: Is 'big philanthropy' a charade?
The Amazon founder has pledged to donate $2bn, but critics say he should pay Amazon workers more instead.

09/14/2018 09:50 PM
The day Lehman Brothers went under
The BBC talked to people involved about their memories of the bank's collapse on 15 September 2008.

09/14/2018 12:16 AM
Can the city of pizza reinvent itself as a tech hub?
How a city best known for pizza, football and crime is embracing tech to revive its fortunes.


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