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12/16/2018 10:46 PM
Explosion near pub in Japan injures dozens
An explosion near a pub in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo on Sunday night injured at least 42 people, including one critically, said Hokkaido Police public relations officer Ryohei Kashihara.

12/17/2018 12:03 AM
UK flirts with second referendum to escape eternal Brexit chaos
It was only months ago that the mere utterance of a second referendum would be palmed off by the bulk of Britain's political class as wishful thinking by "remoaners" who voted to stay in the European Union.

12/16/2018 08:40 PM
Analysis: After 30 years, leaders are still fighting about basic truths of climate science
Hidden in the 133-page document agreed upon at the UN climate change talks was a compromise that many consider an infuriating distraction. The countries of the world agreed to welcome the fact that a scientific report on the state of global warming had been produced. But they failed to welcome its findings.

12/16/2018 12:32 PM
Detention of 100 Christians raises concerns about religious crackdown in China
A prominent Chinese pastor and legal scholar is one of 100 Christians detained by authorities after he was reportedly arrested on allegations of "inciting subversion of state power."

12/16/2018 11:09 PM
4,400-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt
A more than 4,000-year-old private tomb containing "exceptionally well-preserved" drawings has been discovered south of Cairo, according to Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities.

12/15/2018 09:09 PM
Meet the pilots of Virgin Galactic's first flight to space
After months of testing Richard Branson's rocket-powered plane at lower altitudes, two of Virgin Galactic's test pilots made it to the edge of space on Thursday — 51.4 miles above Earth.

12/15/2018 09:25 PM
Boeing delivers first 737 from new Chinese factory
Boeing on Saturday delivered its first 737 airliner from its new factory in China -- a debut that comes amid a 90-day truce in the US-China trade war.

11/22/2018 09:19 AM
Toyota turns to AR to build cars faster
In the nearly four years since Microsoft introduced its HoloLens augmented-reality headset, consumers have largely forgotten about it. But now it's gaining traction among an unlikely audience: car makers.

11/28/2018 03:24 PM
BMW's robot army makes 1,000 cars a day
A look inside the BMW factory in Munich, where they have been making vehicles since 1952.

12/17/2018 06:20 AM
Google's incredible growth: A timeline

12/16/2018 06:09 PM
Madrid in Motion clinches $3.4M GCL Super Cup

12/15/2018 11:32 PM
Tops-Alexander wins $1.4 million Super Grand Prix

12/14/2018 11:17 AM
World's most successful coach to step down

12/14/2018 10:34 AM
World Cup dreams: Inspiring a nation through soccer
On a bleak December day, inside an indoor training pitch with as much coziness as an igloo, toes are quickly becoming numb in the bone-chilling cold. But Phil Neville is sanguine.

09/11/2018 10:31 AM
Cheyenne Woods on stepping out of Tiger's shadow

12/10/2018 04:25 PM
Massa races the fastest animal on earth
Veteran driver Felipe Massa has been getting fans in a flap ahead of his Formula E debut.

12/14/2018 06:19 AM
Japan's 'demon of painting'
For years, all of Kawanabe Kyōsai's prints and paintings bore the same inscription: Shōjō Kyōsai.

03/29/2018 12:46 AM
Why Hong Kong high-rises have holes
The Repulse Bay is a luxury apartment complex in Hong Kong that is famous locally for the curious hole cut into the body of its undulating façade.

12/10/2018 02:06 AM
Vintage Chinese movie magazines capture a glamorous bygone era
If Hollywood's golden era can be understood through magazines like Silver Screen and Photoplay, then China's early film industry can also be viewed through the most popular movie publications of their day.

12/10/2018 02:03 PM
Fashion brands unite against climate change
The multitrillion-dollar business of fashion, with its complex and long supply chain, is worryingly vexed with problems contributing to climate change.

12/10/2018 12:53 PM
Prada launches members-only club in Miami
At this year's Art Basel Miami Beach, Prada launched Prada Mode Miami, a pop-up members-only club that featured a tightly edited program of art, music and dining.

12/10/2018 09:34 AM
Indian food: The greatest dishes

12/11/2018 12:57 PM
Europe's most magical winter city
Budapest is fast becoming one of Europe's leading travel destinations, especially in winter when Hungary's capital city truly comes to life.

12/14/2018 05:21 PM
The surprising story behind 'Silent Night'
"Silent Night" might be one of the sweetest Christmas carols there is, but following the trail of the man who wrote it exactly 200 years ago involves an unexpectedly macabre twist.

10/24/2018 02:15 AM
What it was really like to fly on Concorde
Earlier this year, a Norwegian Air Boeing 787 Dreamliner hitched a ride on a powerful jet stream and flew from New York to London in a record-setting five hours and 13 minutes, landing almost an hour ahead of schedule.

12/11/2018 09:19 PM
Boeing's new jet capable of world's longest flight
Boeing has unveiled its newest line of business jets, which the company says will allow VIP travelers to fly nonstop between "any two cities on Earth."

12/06/2018 10:17 AM
Best places in Europe to visit
The Grand Tour was a right of passage for men and women of certain wealth and status in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, taking in the best Europe had to offer.

12/12/2018 03:59 PM
Firefighters rescue dozens of reptiles from a burning home
For many people, the thought of picking up a python or a boa constrictor is terrifying. But for some firefighters in Texas, no victim is too scary, or too scaly, to rescue.

12/13/2018 12:36 AM
Paralyzed teen walks at graduation
A Burke, Virginia, high school senior who was paralyzed in a swimming accident in Hawaii walks at his graduation.


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