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08/21/2018 05:43 AM
Sources: Trump unsettled by McGahn's 30 hours with the special counsel
White House counsel Don McGahn's 30 hours of conversations with special counsel Robert Mueller's team has unnerved President Donald Trump, who didn't know the full extent of McGahn's discussions, two people familiar with his thinking said.

08/20/2018 11:17 PM
John Dean: 'I think Trump has got a real problem' after McGahn's interviews with Mueller
President Donald Trump "has got a real problem" after the latest revelations regarding White House counsel Don McGahn's interviews with special counsel investigators, according to John Dean, who served in the same role for President Richard Nixon.

08/21/2018 12:54 AM
The real reason Donald Trump can't stand the Russia probe
Over the weekend, we learned that White House counsel Don McGahn spent 30 hours talking to special counsel Robert Mueller's office about the ongoing investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election, the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians and the idea that Donald Trump himself may have sought to obstruct the investigation.

08/20/2018 06:53 PM
The Point: This is an absolutely critical moment for Trump's presidency
Donald Trump has been president for 577 days as of today. One year and seven months, to the day, of what can be described without exaggeration as the least predictable presidency in modern history. And yet, for all the wackiness and whip-sawing of these first 19 months, there's a very credible case to make that the next two-ish weeks are the most critical of Trump's presidency to date -- and will set a course for the remaining years of his presidency that will be very difficult to alter.

08/21/2018 09:06 AM
Manafort jury deliberations continue

08/20/2018 11:26 PM
Manafort jury ends third day without a verdict
Jurors in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will begin a third day of deliberations Monday, as the President continues to rail against special counsel Robert Mueller.

08/21/2018 03:14 AM
Senior US official expresses 'confidence' that Yemeni bombmaker is dead
The US believes that Ibrahim al-Asiri, a master Yemeni bombmaker, is dead.

08/21/2018 02:37 AM
2 charged with acting as agents for Iranian government
Two people have been charged with acting as agents for the Iranian government.

08/21/2018 02:07 AM
Wall Street Journal: Acting EPA head signs Trump admin proposal that would release more CO2 into the air
The Environmental Protection Agency will allow states to set their own emission standards for coal-fueled power plants, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Critics say the decision will result in much more carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

08/21/2018 01:53 AM
Authorities searching for man who threatened to shoot Trump
Law enforcement authorities are searching for a man who's suspected of threatening to shoot President Donald Trump.

08/21/2018 05:58 AM
Reuters: Trump concerned about perjury trap in interview with special counsel
President Donald Trump said he's concerned about potential perjury charges that could be brought against him if he were to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller.

08/21/2018 05:39 AM
Why Trump let Don McGahn talk to Mueller
The decision by President Donald Trump's legal team to allow White House counsel Don McGahn to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller without restrictions was made in part because the lawyers calculated they did not have a good legal standing to prevent it and because it fit with the strategy to be cooperative with the investigation, according to sources who sought to explain McGahn's extensive interviews.

08/21/2018 04:10 AM
The Point: Rudy Giuliani's Sunday show appearance was a total disaster
The goal of politicians appearing on Sunday shows is simple: Set the agenda for the week ahead.

08/20/2018 02:12 PM
Giuliani tries to clarify 'truth isn't truth' comment
Rudy Giuliani on Monday attempted to clarify his weekend remark that "truth isn't truth" as part of his explanation for why he doesn't believe that President Donald Trump should testify with special counsel Robert Mueller.

08/20/2018 02:05 PM
175 former US officials added to list denouncing Trump for revoking Brennan's security clearance
One hundred and seventy-five former US officials spanning service across intelligence agencies, the State Department, the National Security Council and the Department of Defense added their names on Monday to a list of intelligence officials denouncing President Donald Trump's decision to revoke former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance.

08/21/2018 09:06 AM
Trump goes after the Fed again: 'I should be given some help'
President Donald Trump said told Reuters he was "not thrilled" with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell for raising interest rates. Trump himself appointed Powell to lead the US central bank.

08/20/2018 10:21 PM
Prosecutors preparing charges for Michael Cohen; could announce by end of August
Federal investigators examining whether President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen committed bank and tax fraud are looking at more than $20 million in loans obtained for his and his family's taxi companies, The New York Times reported Sunday night, citing people familiar with the matter.

08/20/2018 10:10 PM
Trump lauds Border Patrol agent for speaking 'perfect English,' warns Dem wins will bring crime
President Donald Trump on Monday warned that a "blue wave" that could sweep Democrats into power in Congress would lead to "open borders" and an increase in crime while speaking at an event at the White House honoring immigration and border protection officers.

08/20/2018 10:32 PM
Read Kavanaugh's memo on Lewinsky
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, then working for independent counsel Ken Starr, wrote a detailed 1998 memo suggesting explicit questions to ask President Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinski.

08/19/2018 03:01 PM
Pennsylvania AG: Cardinal under scrutiny over report on priest abuse 'is not telling the truth'

08/19/2018 09:18 PM
Speechwriter who attended conference with white nationalists in 2016 leaves White House

08/19/2018 07:08 PM
Bolton: Chinese, Iranian, North Korean election meddling 'a sufficient national security concern'
Chinese, Iranian and North Korean attempts to meddle in the 2018 US elections are, like Russia's efforts, "a sufficient national security concern," White House national security adviser John Bolton said Sunday.

08/18/2018 02:21 AM
Trump says he is likely to strip DOJ official's clearance 'very quickly'
President Donald Trump said Friday that he would likely strip the security clearance of a Justice Department official "very quickly," opening a new front in his battle with figures related to the special counsel investigation into his campaign and Russian election interference.

08/20/2018 02:06 AM
WH counsel McGahn's attorney did not fully apprise Trump's legal team on Mueller interviews
White House counsel Don McGahn's attorney did not give President Donald Trump's lawyers a full accounting of McGahn's interviews with the special counsel's team, a person familiar with the matter tells CNN.

08/20/2018 01:29 PM
Trump rewrites history as Russia probe pressure mounts
The looming verdict for President Donald Trump's former campaign manager and new questions about what exactly the White House counsel told special counsel investigators, combined with Trump's increasingly combustible Twitter feed, have put the feeling of climax in the air.

08/20/2018 02:01 PM
Trump keeps up attacks on Mueller probe following McGahn revelation
President Donald Trump on Monday continued his attacks against special counsel Robert Mueller and his team as he sought to downplay weekend reports that his White House counsel cooperated extensively with Mueller's probe.

08/20/2018 04:22 PM
Trump welcomes lawsuit over revoking Brennan's security clearance
President Donald Trump said Monday that he hopes former CIA Director John Brennan will bring forward a lawsuit against the Trump administration for revoking his security clearance last week.

08/18/2018 09:49 AM
Ex-CIA Director Brennan: Trump is 'drunk on power'
Former CIA Director John Brennan criticized President Donald Trump on Friday for revoking his security clearance and said the President is "drunk on power."

08/18/2018 01:27 PM
Analysis: Who's Trump attacking on Twitter?
President Donald Trump has long used Twitter to define -- and defame -- his political opponents, but about 18 months into his presidency it's become blindingly clear that his use of social media to target critics, disloyal former lieutenants and the media tells us more about him than anyone else.


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